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Dogs and cats arrive and are re-homed nearly every day. If you would like to be informed of new arrivals you can request to be added to our e-mail list. You will receive details of new dogs and cats that are looking for homes and notification of Pound Puppy Rescue events. NOTE: e-mails will contain information about all breeds, not just the type that you are interested in. You may also receive notification of local dogs added to the Dog Rescue Net Notice Board.

Your e-mail address will be kept exclusively for the use of the Dog Rescue Network and will not be used to send you advertising (other than dogs needing homes and PPAR event information), or given, sold or passed on to any other organisation. You must inform us when you want to be removed from the list (see below). We are not automatically informed when you adopt a dog!

If you would like to be added to our circulation list send an e-mail to and request to be added to the circulation list.

You will receive messages from PPAR until you request to be removed from the list.

Not Receiving Our Messages?

The most likely reason for this is your e-mail system spam filter. Make sure you add and to your 'Permitted', 'Allow' or 'white' list. Some company spam systems do not allow you to receive messages from us. BT are rejecting our messages as SPAM so if you normally use a or e-mail address you will not receive our messages. Setup a free e-mail address E.g.

Removal from Notification E-mail List

If you are on our list and no longer wish to receive messages from us, request to be removed from our e-mail list by sending an e-mail to with the subject Remove me from PPAR list.

NOTE: we do send spam. If you receive messages about medications, shares, banks, viruses etc, we did not send them!

Still Receiving Our Messages?

If you have requested removal from our e-mail list and you are still receiving 'New Dogs' messages then we did not receive your message! Try replying to the message and request to be removed from the e-mail list. Make sure you are sending from the address to be removed from the list or indicate the address that is on our list.